Fire Department Tag FAQ


Montgomery County Fire and Rescue personnel that are interested in obtaining Maryland State Firemen’s Association License Tags for their personal Car, Truck, or Motorcycle must follow the following process:

A) You must be off probationary status within your department.
B) You need to contact your Volunteer Chief or President to email the Montgomery County/MSFA Tag Representative (President Elmer Hamm Takoma Park VFD). In the email they must declare that you are in fact a member in good standing with your department. When you request to have your Chief or President email the tag
state representative, please have them copy you as well.
C) Once the tag rep. has received your confirmation from them he will contact you via email to set up a face-to-face meeting (which takes no more than 5 minutes) to do the paperwork.
D) At the meeting you will need to bring $5 CASH for each vehicle to be tagged and a photocopy of the current registration of the vehicle to be tagged. The photocopy will need be surrendered with the paperwork.
E) Once paperwork is completed you can either mail forms to the MVA or take in person to MVA in Glen Burnie, MD. If you mail it, it takes about 2 weeks where if you go in person you will get FD Tags immediately.

Most Frequently Asked Questions
1. If my parents own the car, truck or motorcycle can I still get MSFA Tags? Yes, you will need to bring a letter from them stating their permission at time of processing.
2. Can I get the forms on line? No. For security reasons the only way to get the forms is through the MSFA Tag Representative.
3. Where does the $5 go? The $5 goes to MSFA as a processing fee. Every three years you will be contacted by MSFA for another 3 years to make sure that you still have the MSFA Tags MVA will only request the state tag sticker fee when it expires.
4. What do I do with old tags? Take old tags to MVA Express with registration and they will dispose of them.
5. If I leave my Fire or Rescue Department can I keep the tags? No, they must be surrendered once you leave a Montgomery County Fire/Rescue Company.