Interest in Participating on MCVFRA Committees

As the MCVFRA President, I am reviewing all committees and seeking volunteer members who would like to be considered for participation and have in-depth experience, interest, knowledge, and availability to serve. The MCVFRA is looking for participants who will speak up, with knowledge, at the meetings to ensure the protection, participation and authority rights of the LFRD’s and all volunteers.

MCVFRA volunteers are currently serving on work groups dealing with all policy development issues for the fire, rescue, and emergency medical services. Committee/work group members will be representing the MCVFRA (one voice) and not their individual LFRD. Their input on the committee/work group is to ensure not only the best possible recommendations for the service as a whole,  but, that the recommendations include recognition of volunteer authority, participation, ownership, inclusion of LFRD’s and authorized volunteers.

Members will be required to report on the meetings’ progress to the President of the MCVFRA.

If you agree to serve on a committee/workgroup please understand that you are expected to make the meetings, unless an emergency arises, as well as to timely complete any assignment that you agreed to complete.

As the purpose of having you on a committee/workgroup is to ensure input for volunteers, failure to attend meetings or not participating may require removing you from the committee.

Your help is needed and this information will be kept on file to be referred to for participation consideration.

Please complete the questionnaire and send to

Click the link here to open the questionnaire. Committee Questionnaire

The PDF can be completed on the computer and saved, then emailed as an attachment. There is no need to print it out or scan it.

Thank you,

Marcine D. Goodloe, President