Author: Christina Mage

Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Coordinator (VRRC) Application Process

Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Coordinator (VRRC)
December 23, 2022
Note: Though this position is for employment with the Montgomery County Volunteer
Fire Rescue Association (MCVFRA), the position is a federally funded grant position
and may be subject to further requirements due to federal funding.
Organizational Summary:
Incorporated in 1922, the Montgomery County Volunteer Fire and Rescue
Association (MCVFRA) is an 501(c)(4) organization whose mission is to represent,
coordinate and support the volunteer fire, rescue, EMS, and administrative volunteers
in Montgomery County, Maryland. The approximately 2,500 members we serve
volunteer in one of our 19 local volunteer fire and rescue departments (LFRDs)
throughout the County.
Position Summary:
The Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Coordinator (VRRC) develops,
implements, leads and manages plans, projects, and programs designed to raise the
visibility of the MCVFRA and our work, as well as to increase the number of
volunteers for the 19 local volunteer fire and rescue departments in our combination
volunteer/career system. The recruiter shall work to raise visibility among the public,
students, businesses, community organizations, funders, and other stakeholders.
The expected outcomes of activities executed by the VRRC will be to recruit
volunteers for membership and training as firefighters and emergency medical
services providers throughout the 19 volunteer departments. This position reports to
the MCVFRA Executive Director.
Basic Position Responsibilities:
• Recruit volunteers to meet the needs of the 19 local volunteer fire and rescue
• Staff recruiting station and schedule volunteer staffing for recruiting station;
• Identify potential sources of volunteers and implement strategies to reach all
• Actively schedule and conduct recruitment presentations in schools, and
community groups;
The Voice of the Montgomery County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service
• Continually update and enhance recruitment presentations and materials;
• Update and enhance the and social media channels to
serve as a resource for program participants and to communicate with the public
for review and approval;
• Draft and disseminate press releases and public service announcements to
support recruitment efforts and visibility;
• Help to design and produce events that will elevate the volunteers’ profile in the
• Manage Volunteer Basic Orientation Course (VBOC) for new recruits including
coordination, planning and instructing;
• Conduct regular follow-ups with applicants, members, LFRDs, and County
• Recruit, train, and manage student and community interns at recruiting station.
• Prepare quarterly SAFER reports, statistics, and data for inclusion in federally
required reports.
• Maintain records and prepare monthly reports for MCVFRA Board and
• Attend monthly MCVFRA and Board meetings as needed;
• Plan, prepare, and chair bi-monthly MCVFRA recruitment committee meetings;
• Manage MC Agricultural Fair booth each summer;
• Schedule, prepare, and staff school events – approximately 20 each year;
• Update, review, and know PIMS, SAMS, and other County maintained data
• Other duties as assigned.
Minimum Qualifications:
• Recruitment and retention employment with substantiated experience and
Minimum of Associate’s or higher degree in social service, sales/ marketing,
business or related field or equivalent experience. Consideration will be given to
those who have over 90 credit hours and are currently taking courses with
completions of a degree within 12 months of employment;
• Fire, rescue, and EMS – certified and experienced emergency provider preferred;
• Competency with computer hardware, computer software, telephones, cameras,
video recording equipment, and equipment typical to office and classroom
• Ability to work independently and possess strong time management skills;
• Experience working with volunteers in an urban environment.
• Experience and knowledge in the volunteer fire-rescue service.
• Must be at least 18 years of age.
• Must possess competency with website management, social networking, and
database management.
• Must have a clean criminal history.
• Must have a valid driver’s license
• Be willing to commute regularly throughout Montgomery County.
• Strong writing and oral communication skills.
• Proficiency in basic office software (e.g., Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and basic
database skills.
The Voice of the Montgomery County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service
Additional Desired Qualifications
• Previous work experience in recruitment, sales, marketing, or communications.
• Recruitment and retention employment with substantiated experience and
successes in effective volunteer recruitment and retention activities highly
• Comfort and ability in speaking to small and large diverse audiences of differing
• Experience in document layout and design, and web editing, and/or willingness
to learn.
• Ability to organize information graphically for presentations and publications.
• Strong information and resource gathering skills.
• Event planning experience is desired, but not essential.
• Media relations experience is desired, but not essential.
• Experience networking with organizations in business and community.
• Ability to work under stressful situations.
• Work within established deadlines.
Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Coordinator (VRRC) position is an at will
position within the MCVFRA which dictates that the employment and compensation
for this position may be terminated at any time.
The Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Coordinator (VRRC) will be paid in
accordance with the grant management package. The starting salary is
commensurate with experience.
This position requires nights, weekends and holidays and is based on the needs of
the project and will be agreed upon by the President of the MCVFRA and successful
applicant. The schedule can be flexible but must coincide with the needs of the grant
and recruitment needs of our departments without delays. Worksite is located at 230
N. Washington Street, Rockville. MD as well as remote work from home. Travel
throughout Montgomery County, Maryland.
The Selection Process:
To apply, submit a cover letter and resume to the address listed below. All materials
must be submitted by 5:00 PM on Monday, January 9, 2023
Further details can be found at Please return cover letter and
resume to:
Executive Director Eric N. Bernard at subject: VRRC

Further details can be found at Please return cover letter and
resume to:
Executive Director Eric N. Bernard at subject: VRRC
All inquiries please refer to web address

March MCVFRA Meeting Cancelled

Dear Members,

After much deliberation and consideration, President Goodloe notifies all members that the March 19, 2020 monthly MCVFRA meeting is cancelled.

The new collectively bargained agreement that reached tentative agreement two weeks ago will be reviewed, discussed, and the Board’s recommendation affirmed, at the April 16, 2020 meeting – location TBD.

Thank you,

Marcine D. Goodloe


Collective Bargaining Agreement Update

We are pleased to announce that your MCVFRA bargaining team reached a tentative agreement with Montgomery County at 2110 hrs. tonight for our 6th collectively bargained agreement (CBA)!  We met for many hours over the past 4 months tackling a host of complex areas including discipline, grievance procedures, LOSAP, and volunteer rights plus policies, procedures, and processes affecting the service. 

We completed all bargaining and discussions with respect, professionalism, and compromise producing a three-year tentative agreement that your team signed tonight. 

We thank Burtonsville VFD President Tami Bulla, Hillandale VFD Vice President John Bork, Cabin John Park VFD Past President Lee Hunter, Gaithersburg-WG VFD President Steve Hayes, Takoma Park VFD President Elmer Hamm, and Silver Spring VFD Past President Deana Cairo for their tireless work, dedicated service, and excellent counsel as your 2019-2020 bargaining team. 

Specifics of the agreement will follow in the coming days as well as the schedule and process for ratification which follows our by-laws and past practices. 

Congratulations to our members, our excellent bargaining team, the County’s team lead by Chief Negotiator Bill Scott, Esq., and the County Executive for an excellent agreement reached without mediation, arbitration, or a cross word uttered. Professional all the way and a great agreement with significant benefits and improvements. 


Eric N. Bernard 
Executive Director and Chief Negotiator 
Montgomery County Volunteer Fire Rescue Association