AMOSS Fund Process

The FY2021 AMOSS Fund Application form has been sent to the member Local Fire and Rescue Departments (LFRDs) for submission of FY2021 AMOSS Fund requests to the Montgomery County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association (MCVFRA). Also included was the projected timeline for the FY2021 Amoss Fund process, which is posted here on the MCVFRA website.

The deadline for the electronic submission of the FY2021 AMOSS Fund Application is 5:00 pm on Friday, June 26, 2020.

As in past years, AMOSS Fund Applications that are received by the MCVFRA Program Manager within the stated application submission time period will be receipt-recorded and forwarded to the MCVFRA AMOSS Committee Chairman, along with other request related information found in MCVFRA project files, for committee review and action. This is a new, redesigned fillable AMOSS Fund application form. It is to be used exclusively for FY2021 AMOSS Fund requests. Please pay close attention to the following application guidelines.

1. This is the only document that is to be used by LFRDs for submitting FY2021 AMOSS Fund requests to the MCVFRA.

2. FY2021 AMOSS Fund Applications are to be submitted electronically to the MCVFRA President at with a copy sent to the MCVFRA Program Manager at and

3. Mailed or hand-delivered FY2021 AMOSS Fund Applications will be returned unopened to the submitting LFRD.

4. Requests submitted on prior year application forms will not be accepted for FY2021 AMOSS Fund requests and returned to the submitting LFRD.

5. Complete and specific answers are to be provided to application questions.

6. LFRDs are to use “N/A” whenever a response is not applicable to a specific application question.

7. Additional information (technical specifications, vendor quotes, financial terms, etc.) is to be scanned and included, as appropriate to complete the application.

8. Information will be required on both AMOSS and EMST funding previously received by your LFRD. This information is to include the year (CY or FY) of the allotment, allotment amount, spent amount, and unspent balance.

9. LFRD responses will appear in red on the application. This is to provide greater visual clarity for the Amoss Committee in its review of the submitted applications. Do Not Change the Font.

10. Questions concerning the FY2021 AMOSS Fund Application should be emailed to the MCVFRA Program Manager at Office of the MCVFRA Program Manager