PRESS RELEASE: MCVFRA Announces Award of Federal Grant for Recruiting New Volunteers


Contact: Eric N. Bernard, 301-455-6648


Montgomery County Volunteer Fire – Rescue Association Announces Award of Federal Grant for Recruiting New Volunteers


The Montgomery County Volunteer Fire – Rescue Association announced Thursday the notification of a new SAFER grant to support volunteer fire/rescue recruiting.

August 27, 2015 — Rockville, Maryland —The Montgomery County Volunteer Fire- Rescue Association received notification of a federal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) SAFER (Staffing for Adequate Fire and Rescue Response) grant today to support its core mission of recruiting new volunteer fire and rescue providers serving in the 18 volunteer fire and rescue departments in Montgomery County.

The award of $539,463 is the third SAFER grant the MCVFRA has applied for and been funded since 2007. The newest  grant continues funding for an additional four years for a full-time volunteer recruiter, including all benefits, funds to maintain and operate the first in the nation volunteer recruiting station, and maintaining a robust, effective and nationally recognized multimedia advertising campaign in the region.

Marcine D. Goodloe, President of the Association said “These funds continue our significant efforts in recruiting new volunteers to our 19 volunteer fire and rescue departments serving the residents of our County.  We are grateful for the support of our elected officials in securing these needed funds and look forward to continued successful recruiting in the years to come.”

“These funds come at a time when the challenges in recruiting new volunteers are greater than ever” said Eric N. Bernard, the Association’s long-time Executive Director.  “This is a huge boost to our efforts and will assure continued success.  We depend on the SAFER grants to allow us to reach out into our neighborhoods and let them know that we need new volunteers to serve!” he added.

The MCVFRA completed a 43 page recruitment business plan in 2006 when a centralized recruitment effort was developed to include all the County’s local volunteer fire and rescue departments. Over the past three years the plan received major revisions, updates, and completion of dozens of goals initially set.

“Our success directly relates to the combined efforts in recruiting and having our recruitment business plan, a complete multimedia marketing plan, and coordination with all the volunteer departments and Montgomery County government” Bernard stressed.

“The SAFER award reflects our excellent plans, goals and outcome in the preceding grants and recognizes the significant effort and success the Association maintains in recruiting new volunteers” Goodloe noted.

About The Montgomery County Volunteer Fire – Rescue Association:  Founded over 94 years ago, the Association represents the professional volunteer men and women who serve as firefighters, rescuers, EMTs, paramedics, and administrative members in 19 local volunteer fire and rescue departments in Montgomery County.  With over 2,400 members, the Association remains as one of the largest and most active organizations of its kind, working to strengthen and grow the volunteer system in Montgomery County.  These proud volunteers donate tens of thousands of hours each year, save County taxpayers countless millions of dollars, and provide residents with the highest quality of emergency care in the country.  Additionally, the volunteers own and operate the majority of the fire and rescue stations in the County and are routinely, without tax dollars and using donated funds, purchasing new fire engines, trucks, rescue squads, and ambulances, for use in service to the residents of the County.  Working side by side with career firefighters in 38 fire and rescue stations, taking the same training and meeting the same requirements as the career members, the volunteers of the Association are dedicated to saving lives twenty-four hours a day.